Turn Back the Renal Clock: March 2008 Part Four

July 8, 2010

Anonymous Doug never gets speeding tickets.

The fact that political pundits who were so wrong about the Iraq War continue to be listened to as serious thinkers is proof that there is no God and that the human race is a failed species.

Gays are infiltrating city councils all across America, and making countries disappear too.

Blessed are the car salesmen, because not even the risen Jesus can put you in a new Volvo with no money down.



  1. So when you turn back the Renal Clock, do you just choose your months at random?

    • No, I go in chronological order from the beginning. I’ve already done Turn Back the Renal Clocks for all months prior to March 2008. So the next time I feel lazy there will be an April 2008 week.

  2. So, not much has changed then.

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