Hanging With This Guy Who Does Caption Contests on His Blog

September 14, 2010

We interrupt your usual lies and fabrications for this announcement…

Nonamedufus over at his place holds a weekly caption contest, and this past week was his 50th such contest.  We bring this up because Renal Failure was crowned the winner. Winning the 50th of something is better than winning the 47th or 48th or 49th of something because humans like nice round numbers.  Something about numbers like 10 or 25 or 50 tend to stick out as desirable, perhaps for their simplicity.

We love it when we can post trophies like this here.  We like pretty pictures and shiny objects and women who don’t just lie there when we bang ’em, even if we’ve tied them to the bed.  Come on, move a little.  If we wanted to bang an inanimate object we’d have spent this evening violating the couch instead of paying for your drinks and listening to you complain about how you hate your one friend but you keep inviting her to everything anyway.

And now back to your irregularly scheduled lies and fabrications…



  1. I always knew you were a winner. Now please stop violating my massage chair.

  2. That guy holds swell caption contests, doesn’t he? What’d you say his name was again?

  3. But I have to invite her everywhere, otherwise she’ll think I’m trying to steal her boyfriend.

    • Stupid bitch.

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