Half a Decade on Dialysis

December 20, 2010

Attention.  Attention.

Today on this 1, 625th post of Renal Failure, we are required to announce that this blog has turned 5 years old.

This anniversary snuck up on us, seeing how 2010 has been a real sucky year.  But, as we always do at this time, we want to thank all our regular and irregular readers who have stayed with us over the years or have just jumped on board and have enjoyed what they’ve found. And we like to thank everyone who comments here too, as it keeps this place from looking like a den of crazy where one man yells into the sky about a ninja and a half-cyborg cat.

And so for our blog birthday we want all of our lurkers to come out of hiding and leave a comment about why you like this blog so much.

In the meantime, we’ll keep on rolling like we’ve been doing, and maybe one of these days figure out how to turn some of this material into a stage show or some sort of video short, though time has been a rare commodity for us here at the Failure these days.

Year Six begins now…



  1. I’m still your #1 fan RF. Long may you blog xx

    • You’ll always be my #1 fan, nursemyra.

  2. proudly sporting my T Lott badge. if you make it to 10 years, i’ll consider the tattoo…

  3. Taking the piss for five years! Good going.

  4. Don’t know how i got here a couple of years ago but glad i did. Congrats on 5 years!

    • Good to see you’ve stuck around, cew. Wish you had your own blog though.

  5. I heart you RF, because you’re the Justin Bieber of our time, only prettier.

  6. Wow, 5 years, impressive.

    I keep coming back because, ever since that one night, Tag Larkin won’t take my calls. :-(

  7. I read this blog because I’m borderline computer illiterate.

    My room made it the default page for my browser and I don’t know how to change it back to gothicsluts.com .

  8. I’m here because one day some people made me play a google game where you type yourname likes to… and my first result was “Ninja Vicki likes to spend her free time sneaking up on people and placing a tag on them, just to let them know that they could have been killed by a ninja.” I found this intriguing and have been lurking ever since.

    • That may be the funniest reason of how someone found us.

  9. i find Tag Larkin intriguing…

    • Good to see you again Surftwin… haven’t seen the Papersurfer Clan around here in a while.

  10. If you try to fail, and succeed, what have you done?
    Congratulations, depending.

  11. I like this blog because it is brilliant.

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