The world loves a redhead in a yellow jumpsuit

December 28, 2010

I was checking the site stats here at Renal Failure the other day, specifically the search terms that people have used to find this place, and one of these got my immediate attention.

It was something Arabic.

That struck me as odd, considering I’ve never seen any foreign language search result in my stats before. What struck me as even odder is that the search term had three hits on it, meaning three other people did the same search in Arabic.

So I’m thinking what could I have here that would garner an Arabic audience?  Is it my rampant atheism?  The immodest dress of Ninja Vicki?  Our reviews of Palestinian children’s programming?  So I ran the phrase through Google Translate and by the prophet Lucy Lawless we were gobsmacked by its result:

“April from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Aside from “renal failure” and variations on “porn,”  most people find their way here to this blog of lies and fabrications through some variation and combination of “April O’Neil” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”  Funny thing is that only one post of ours mentions this cartoon character.  It’s not like we talk about her all the time.  But for some reason people on the internet, probably looking to spank it to her, stumble here and are probably very disappointed.

So why are three people searching in Arabic for the  TV news reporter friend of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Probably for the same reason everyone else does who ends up here.  Ugh… well, at least our cultures are coming together… together over a cartoon redhead in a yellow jumpsuit with no waist.   Still, there are worse things that we could come together over… like outdated social mores.   Or the music of Nickleback.  Or anime.



  1. Not a fan of April so how did i get here?

  2. It’s the boots. Trust me.

    • It’s always the boots. That’s my creed.

  3. Argh… no… not Nickleback

  4. my top two search terms are “naked girl scout” and “granny panties around ankles”. may i build an extra room for you in my bunker in Idaho? end of days, baby… end of days…

    • Granny panties around ankles? Good Lord daisyfae….. how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  5. Mem., must buy yellow jumpsuit.

  6. Funny, I found this site because I was internet-stalking Sherie Rene Scott.

    So, symmetry, yeah.

    • I had to use Google and Wikipedia to know who she was, and I’m glad I did that because you win the obscure reference of the year award for that.

  7. Nickelback is nothing to be ashamed of. It could happen to anyone.

    • Nickleback is a gateway drug to Creed. And you’re allowed to stop being friends with someone if they enjoy the music of Scott Stapp.

  8. Happy New Year, RF.

  9. And from me too baby xxx

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