Another Trip Around the Sun Successfully Made

January 29, 2011

Friday was my birthday, so of course I spent that day and the previous two bed-bound by some sort of flu-like bug.  Not the best way to rock in turning 32, but at least no astronauts died this time.

Anyway, NFL.com saw fit to wish me a happy birthday by sending me the most unintentionally funny email I’ve ever been a witness to.

American football fans will have some mordant chuckles about a Philadelphia Eagles jersey with “Failure” emblazoned on the back, especially after the team’s late-season flame-out.  And maybe if I hadn’t blown my budget on Nyquil and Gatorade I’d have bought the damn thing too.

32 doesn’t feel any different than 31.  Or 30 for that matter.  I think 34 is the next age where you feel something different because 1) you’re out of your early 30’s, and 2) you’ve passed the 1/3 mark on the march to 100.

Anyway, I think I tamed this stupid sick bug enough to do an improv show (hope you enjoy it, Lora), drink a lot of Guinness with a large group of friends, and rock the karaoke mic with some Baby Got Back.  And if I haven’t tamed the bug, well, at least I won’t have to drink a lot to get wasted then.  Cheap date birthday night with a tuberculous patient!  Whoo-hoo!  Ladies, line up to the left after getting your inoculations on the right.  We’re going to party like it’s 1299 and the Black Death is upon us!



  1. happy birthday! may you not taste the bitter, gut-wrenching devastation that is shitting your pants on stage! improv rocks!

  2. Happy birthday! I think the next birthday you feel something is 40. The next birthday you feel someone is up to you.

  3. Feel me feel me!!!!!

    • Now that would be the best birthday present ever.

  4. Many happy returns. I’m guessing “some sort of flu-like bug” isn’t a term of endearment.

  5. RF is definitely #1!

    Happy belated birthday!

  6. Bring out your dead!

  7. Large sloppy birthday smooches.

  8. Sick on your Birthday? How sad :( OK, here’s where ya start feeling it on your way to 100; age 60. I’m two thirds of the way there, and here’s a little secret. When you turn 60, you finally realize that you’re really not a little boy anymore; you’re a Man….and an old one at that. Some thing to look forward to? Enjoy where you’re at, stay properly medicated.

  9. Biggiddy birth. That’s like wiggiddy wack, or being the miggiddymiggiddymiggiddymiggidy Mac.

  10. OK. It has been days and I am alittle worried you drank yourself to death.

    Are you still alive?

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