Apropos of nothing, and not because we’re lazy either

May 22, 2011

“Do you feel disappointed that there was no rapturing or armageddoning this past Saturday?”  I say.

“Not really,” says Anonymous Doug.  “I felt more disappointed when I found out that Adele was a white chick.”

“Funny, I think I had the same feeling when I found out The Righteous Brothers were two white dudes,”  I say.

“So what does that say about us?” says Anonymous Doug.

“I don’t know,”  I say.  “I didn’t feel that way when I found the guys in 3rd Bass were white.  Maybe it doesn’t say anything.  Maybe this is one of those stand-alone moments that means nothing more than what it is.”

“Like Freud said, “Sometimes a big-ass titty is just a big-ass titty,'”  says Anonymous Doug.  “But then his publisher made him change it to ‘Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’ because you couldn’t print that sort language in books back then.”

And so Anonymous Doug and I finish our drinks and head off to the movie theater to see Hobo With a Shotgun.  No, that doesn’t have anything to do with our previous conversation.  We just wanted to go see Rutger Hauer shoot people for 90 minutes.  And we’ll say it right now, Hobo With a Shotgun is the best movie of 2011.



  1. Oh.My.God. I just watched the trailer……

  2. The porn version of that same movie happened in the parking lot of the church up the block this past friday night.

    It’s was called “Hobo Gives a Blowjob to a Shotgun.”

  3. i might need to see that film. i’ve been harbouring a bit of anger lately…

    • Hobo With a Shotgun is pure joy. You will laugh so hard you will feel like you’ve been assaulted.

  4. Hobo with a Shotgun is up next on the list, but first I had to see Hesher. Which was basically constructed out of shots of whiskey and bad sex. Which means I loved it. I am drunk right now.

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