Ooh… what rounded number of arbitary significance have reached this time?

July 15, 2011

Renal Readers, whether you be newcomers to the Failure or seasoned veterans, welcome to Renal Failure’s 1,700th post.  To celebrate, let’s bring up some favorite posts (listed in no particular order) of our first year of blogging that very few people saw because it wasn’t on WordPress yet, it was on my long-since deleted Myspace page as a writing experiment (Myspace… wow, shit was certainly different back in those days of yore…) .  Also, these posts don’t get referenced much, if at all, in the later years either.

December 23, 2005: Our first real post, introducing both Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat and Anonymous Doug.  And it explains how Doug’s anonymous powers work.  Also his powers are demonstrated here as well.

June 14, 2006: One of Psycho Dave’s best ideas ever, and the explanation of his feud with Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

March 1, 2006: The shocking secret of Lent is revealed!

June 9, 2006: We do the hokey-pokey differently than other people.

May 23, 2006: This is why I don’t get invited to cocktail parties anymore.

December 31, 2005: Tag Larkin is introduced to the world, and the world is never the same.

December 4, 2006: Anonymous Doug figures out how to legally have sex with a 12-year old.  And it doesn’t involve going to a Southeast Asian country either.

April 19, 2006: I have problems expressing love in healthy ways.

December 16, 2006: We debut our Bible-based superhero Eli Kodiak to the world. Pat Robertson’s Trinity Broadcasting Network has not optioned us for a series yet, but we think a man of God who can summon bears to eat people is much better than that Left Behind series, or whatever else Kirk Cameron’s pushing these days.

April 9, 2006: Somehow I make inappropriate public nudity funny on a regular basis.

October 26, 2006: I only chose this because I like the phrase “Joe Piscopalians.”

July 22, 2006: This is a joke that’s sending me straight to Hell.

August 31, 2006: The Safety Dance goes horribly wrong.

Leave a comment about your favorite all-time Renal Failure post. Relive the fond memories of the 1,700 post juggernaut that is the blog of wild fabrications and outright lies!

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