Yeah, we’re still here…

November 17, 2011

Yeah, I haven’t posted in like three weeks.  Some of that time was spent Occupying the Bottom of a Rum Bottle.  It’s sort of like Occupy Wall Street or any other city, except I could do it without leaving the house and saves me from being a victim of savage police brutality.  I just haven’t felt inspired lately.

Take for instance the Penn State child buggery scandal.  A college covering up sexual assault?  That’s standard operating procedure for higher learning institutions.  This just involved children instead of drunk coeds and fraternity pledges.  The only angle I could really grab on this story that no one else had jumped on was “how important do you have to be to have people hide your pedophilia?”  Unfortunately, no one wanted to have that conversation with me.  Not Tina the Lesbian, not Ninja Vicki, not even Anonymous Doug.  It was a question no one wanted to discover the answer to, because then the world would know exactly how important to become so that others would conceal their child rape.

I’m not even moved by the Republican Presidential Primary Debates because I get the feeling all the candidates are trolling for attention.  They’re not necessarily debates as no one actually disagrees with anyone on stage, but rather they’re “say crazy shit” contests.  It’s the difference between getting drunk at a bar and getting drunk at the hospital.  People are expected to get drunk in a bar, but I’m more interested in someone who manages to get wasted in an oncology wing.  Margaritas in the NICU… now that’s worth a post.

Maybe it’s an emotional imbalance, meaning I haven’t had the right mixture of clever insight and blind anger that tinge what pops up here.  Do I just have less time to indulge in these flights of fancy?  Or is this just a low stretch before a big creative splurge in December?  Fuck if I know.  Here’s a Maru video.  It’s the only thing in the world that makes sense anymore.



  1. Box Maru in 2012.

    if i liked rum, i’d come over and get drunk with you. can i bring ketel one instead?

  2. everything goes better with Maru

  3. blogging is so hard. How much game do you have to have to get a child to have sex with you?

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