Halfway to Retirement

January 28, 2012

Unlike the rest of the time when I don’t post, I have a good reason not to post anything for the next day or so: today’s my birthday.

And with birthdays for members of Portuguese Intelligence comes great responsibility.  I will be out in the field, combing the city on an important mission: drinking to protect the free world. Maybe there’s some female operatives I can convince to return to the safe house with me for debriefing.  That’s the sort of mission creep I can get behind.

It’s the last year of my early thirties.  Doesn’t feel like anything.  Probably because people think I’m look seven or eight years younger than I actually am.  That’s not from a daily regiment of skin exfoliation, I’m just a late bloomer.  I think the only thing about getting older I notice is that naps are awesome.  When you’re younger, they just kill time.  Now they’re insurance that I’ll be in prime condition all night.

So fear not, citizens of the world.  I’m drinking for your freedoms, because someone has to.  And because I can.

Now here’s a Maru video…



  1. oh it’s your birthday! What time are you having your nap? I’ll drop by for a visit in corset and boots *mwah*

  2. Happy birthday, a day late… about 8pm sunday. expect you’re just now getting out of bed after your day of debauchery. If not? drink more. you didn’t do it quite right!

  3. Happy birthday belatedly and sorry I missed it! I spent the weekend cleaning cat boxes, I think. But it’s all for the greater cause.

  4. B-b-b-b-birthday holla. Have I ever thanked you for introducing me to Maru? No? I will someday.

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