Say something once, why say it again?

May 12, 2012

So yeah, we haven’t been around in a while.  We could give you some sort of big reason but really we just got busy with stuff and had nothing interesting or insightful to say about anything.  We’ve been doing this blog for six years, we’ve covered a lot of stuff and we’d like to refrain from repeating ourselves or adding nothing new to a subject. That and we’ve been playing a lot of Skullgirls lately on the Playstation because they have a character who’s a cross between Ninja Vicki and Nursemyra.

Every profession can be improved by adding “ninja” to it…

And really, that above quote has been the most interesting thing we’ve come up with in a while. But these lulls in creativity are to be expected and weathered with the optimistic notion that the pendulum will swing back to the productive side sooner than never.  The internal editor stops being so picky and lets the creativity flow outward again instead of circulating in solitude to be filtered and improved for consumption.

Actually we’re better friends with our internal editor than we’ve been in the past, because we’ve come across too many instances lately where something could have been better conveyed if any editor, internal or external, could have had a couple passes at it before it took the stage or the “publish” button had been pressed (don’t worry, it’s not you).  Those type of things remind you that while writing may only be real on the first draft, that doesn’t necessarily means it will be good.

Also… we’ve taken this time to see The Room, and not just on DVD either -we’re talking in a theater full of people.  It’s not only a horrible movie, it’s a cautionary tale for anyone who expresses themselves creatively: your magnum opus has the capacity to reach levels of ineptitude never before conceived by mortal men.

You probably think this vanity project’s about you…

We’ve had these uninspired lulls before and have handled them with a combination of theatrical despair and panic attacks, but this time around we’re rather at ease with being creatively unproductive. Must be our old age.  Feels good to not perceive a creative drought as an existential threat. We’re taking the notion of “Oh no, we’re not as awesome as we think we should be” more in stride, responding with “Okay, well let’s just chill out and figure out a plan on how to remedy this” rather than our old “What the fuck is wrong with us, faily fail fail failure-head! Why do we continue drawing breath?”

So Renal Failure isn’t dead.  It’s just handling shit in a more reasonable way.  And eventually we’ll get back to our special brand of absurdist social commentary peppered with genital jokes.



  1. I’m trying to cut back a bit too. Had a small health issue that interfered with life, and work and ultimately blogging. sometimes something has to give….. xx

  2. I really, really have got to watch this movie.

  3. i’m finding that the more content with life i get, the shittier the writing becomes. so i need to quit. because life is pretty fucking good at the moment…

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