Step over that crying, molested child on your way to the Rose Bowl

July 23, 2012

As part of NCAA sanctions, Penn State must now change their mascot to PedoBear

So the NCAA came down on Penn State with sanctions and fines for all those years of covering up children getting buggered by ex-defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, who was convicted not long ago for being a pedophile. I’m kinda disappointed that Penn State still gets to field a football team considering it was the culture of football worship at Penn State that contributed to the cover-up of pedophilia.  No college is covering up child buggery for the fucking debate team or the theater clubs, so anyone who says this isn’t about football is doing a beer bong with paint.

And it seems an almost unthinkable concept – that protecting a football program took precedence over protecting children being sexually abused – until you realize how rabid a following college football (and basketball) programs have and how much money they bring in.  One of the arguments made by Penn State supporters against their university being heavily sanctioned – or barred from playing  for at least a season – was that it would devastate the town of Happy Valley whose economy subsists almost entirely on the revenue generated from Penn State football.  That’s no exaggeration because there’s fuck-all nothing in the middle of Pennsylvania where Happy Valley and Penn State are.  Which brings up a strange juxtaposition: what do you do when the source of your prosperity and happiness commits an unspeakable horror?  Can you walk away from Omelas?

Yes you fucking can.

Because if you can’t, then we’ve established you have a price regarding the topic of molested children. How many children getting anally penetrated in a shower will you overlook so your team can go to a Bowl game?  How many molested children will you tolerate to maintain your town’s inflated economy?  And there’s too many alumni of not just Penn State but other schools who would likely think about those questions rather than reflexively answer “no.”  And that’s just children.  Fuck, considering the low percentage of reported rapes of women on college campuses, I wouldn’t be surprised if those questions weren’t unofficial policy at most Division I schools. “Well, we have this co-ed who says the star linebacker raped her at a frat party, but on the other hand we could win the Big Ten Championship next week, go to the Orange Bowl, and bring millions of dollars home to the school.  Hmmm… THAT BITCH BE LYING!”

Hell, I find it more than plausible of this sort of covering up happens even on a high school sports level, especially in places where that’s all there is, where the apex of your life is what you accomplish as a high school athlete.  What is doing the right compared to a state championship?  Morals don’t bring in the money, and they certainly don’t bring the local notoriety and fame that will be your only comfort in your older years when you’re fat and balding and stuck in a loveless marriage with children you loathe with every fiber of your sagging, declining being.

So when you’ve created a beast that quantitatively answers the question “How many molestations will you cover up for football success?” the only solution is to nuke it from orbit.  The sanctions and fines from the NCAA have pretty much crippled the football program, but the beast will probably grow back in the years after the post-season ban.  The beast still breathes with every Penn State booster pissed that they took the Joe Paterno statue down, or that he had been fired to begin with, or that the NCAA vacated all his wins from 1998-2011 which was the period of time these children were being molested by his ex-defensive coordinator.  They don’t know why the earth needs to be salted, they just know it causes them personal discomfort.

I think I know why the simple life is venerated as a goal to strive for – because when the stakes are small you’ll never be forced to answer the question of how many molested children you’ll sacrifice on the altar of silence to maintain what you have.  And while my morals may be lacking in many areas, I can hold my head up high and say I never covered up child molestation for the sake of college fucking football.



  1. The sanctions & fines delivered to PSU football are laughable. $60 million?….that’s only one season’s earnings. Should be $60 mill for every year 1998-2011… AND… they should have received the death penalty.

  2. but if they shut down football, look at all the innocent “Mom and Pop” hot dog stands that would suffer? how can you suggest punishing the innocents? [nice rant – would make a lovely letter to the editor of the NYT or the Happy Valley Globe-Buttfucker]

  3. I throw up my hands. This morning on the gym TVs (mostly tuned to ESPN) there were already talking heads talking about the unfairness of the Freeh report and the ensuing sanctions which “distorted” the “Joe Paterno I knew…” Ferfrigsake! A man makes his reputation essentially by training skilled goons, and somehow it indemnifies him from criticism over turning his head while one of his underlings bumshagged little boys?

    Remember, I hate kids and figure most of them have just gotten what they deserve when they squall and cry, but that’s way too shaggy even for me.

    Football is possibly the stupidest thing that people can do deliberately. Why the hell it has got this hold on people’s imaginations is something I can’t begin to understand.

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