Seven Years of Renal Failure and Still Not Dead

December 20, 2012

Is it coincidence that Renal Failure’s 7th birthday would come the day before the Mayan Apocalypse?

Fuck you, Mayans!  We’re getting in our blog anniversary, fuckers!

And the world isn’t ending either, you know why?  Because we’ve got shoes!  Yeah, we got ’em, you didn’t.  And that’s why I still get to drink this weekend instead of being consumed by cataclysmic fire and destruction.  Bitches!  Say hi to the invading Spaniards for me, with their guns and shoes.

So WordPress is saying this is our 1784th post.   Not too shabby, though our posts over the past couple years have been less frequent. But we’d like to think they’ve kept up the high standards of bullshittery and venom that you’ve come to expect from us.  Back when we started this blog, we didn’t have much of anything going for us, but happily that’s changed over the these 7 years.  We write more outside of the blog, we have more hobbies and interests, we have more friends (actual people, t00), and we have more creative avenues to explore than we did back in 2005 when this grand writing experiment began (back when we made it our goal of writing something every day).  On a contentment graph, things for the most part have trended upward since our low point in 2005 (2004 sucked worse, but that’s not relevant to the conversation).

We ain’t getting soft, we’re getting more pointed.  More damage in a more concentrated area – that’s what we’re doing. Renal Failure still serves a purpose for us as a unique venue for making sense of a world of bullshit.  There’s no other avenue for roundtable discussions between a half-cyborg cat, a ninja, and a Wiccan pimp.  So as long as you keep coming back, there will be something here for you.

Here’s something to make you smile…

Year Eight begins tomorrow.


One comment

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and the Renal Players! May they continue to bring the best roundtable discussion of current events to the internet until… well…. yeah… whenever. i’ll keep reading!

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