Epilogue 2014 – Mercury Shadow and Crimson Paraplegic

December 23, 2013

Mercury Shadow officially retired from being a super hero, moving to a super hero retirement community in Florida after 20 years of defending our town and a 35-year career of being a shadowy protector of the night.  He left our town in the capable hands of his protege Crimson Paraplegic.

You may remember Crimson Paraplegic had put together a superhero group with Dragon Dyslexic and Anxiety Girl – the Disability Trinity.  Crimson spent the next year trying to get the group a movie deal.  Unfortunately they couldn’t get anyone in Hollywood to produce a super hero epic about a cripple who can fly and bench press trains, a genius detective and martial artist with dyslexia, and a teenager with severe anxiety problems who puts up force fields.  They couldn’t even get an action figure line developed for the Disability Trinity.  The risk adverse entertainment industry had no stomach for producing an all-females-with-disabilities franchise, which makes Crimson shake her head because they had no problems making that awful Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds, and another shitty Wolverine movie too.  For fuck’s sake, they even did another Ghost Rider movie with Nicolas Cage.

Her superhero rival, Radiant Gale, scored a movie deal with Paramount for her Super Six Sorority (which Crimson refers to as the Cleavage and Cameltoe Collective because of the skimpy outfits their marketing department has them fighting crime in).  Sam Raimi is said to be on board to direct – shooting begins in 2015.

Crimson continues to fight crime and villainy wherever and still works at the local library under her civilian identity Shannon Monaghan.  In her spare time, despite the constant rejections, she still shops her screenplay for a Disability Trinity movie to any production company or producer she can scrounge up information for.  She’s not picky on who directs the project, but she will not under any circumstances let Kristen Stewart play her in the film.

crimson smallnote

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