Epilogue 2014 – Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat and Marlie

December 27, 2013

Years of constant drinking finally caught up to Marlie.  Total liver failure.  Bernie’s wasn’t going so well either, but he only had saucerfuls of gin while Marlie drank coffee pots of whiskey daily. Obviously she was not eligible for a donor.  The doctors gave her six months if she stopped drinking, four if she cut back, one if she kept going at her usual pace.  She opted to go out swigging.

Bernie always thought Marlie would outlive him. Not sure why.  Kitty wishful thinking perhaps.

Marlie wanted her last days to be in her homeland of Ireland with Bernie nestled next to her.  So they cashed out everything, sold the house, and split for the Emerald Isle.  We expected Bernie to eventually return when Marlie passed but about a week after leaving he sent word to us that he wasn’t coming back.  Wherever Marlie died, Bernie was going to stay there with her until either his cat parts or his cyborg parts finally failed.  Not sure what the warranty is on his cyborg parts, but I doubt his hard-drinking kitty parts would outlast titanium and silicon.  Then again, people’s XBox One’s are bricking in the first week of play.

It’s a way better way to go than him getting hit by a car, that’s for sure.

Bernie was indeed a very good kitty.


One comment

  1. I can think of many worse ways to leave this world than having a cat, even a half cyborg cat, nestled next to me.

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