Epilogue 2014 – Tag Larkin

December 30, 2013

Tag Larkin did not die.  Tag Larkin did not move away.  Tag Larkin remains Tag Larkin right where Tag Larkin has always Tag Larkin’ed.

Circumstances do not change Tag Larkin. Events do not change Tag Larkin.  The world does not change Tag Larkin.  Tag Larkin changes all of them.  Tag Larkin bends them to Tag Larkin’s will.

You may not be around any more to witness Tag Larkin being Tag Larkin, but rest assured Tag Larkin is still being Tag Larkin no matter where you are or what you’re doing. And Tag Larkin’s doing it just as hard as ever, and will continue to do so until Tag Larkin tires of this world and decides to leave it.

And ladies, you can still get fucked by Tag Larkin.

Y’all ain’t going to kill Tag Larkin.  Tag Larkin will outlive you all.


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