Renal Failure Character Art Contest Entries

Email us your artistic representation of our vast array of Renal Failure characters at:

And here is our catalog of entries from readers like you…

Jeff Malton from nursemyra… because Jeff doesn’t have a crotch.
Jeff Malton

Ninja Vicki from nursemyra… from some sort of French comic…
Ninja Vicki

Avonia the Wiccan Pimp… from me…

Tina the Lesbian from Kate L. fighting crime in the City of Heroes…

Ninja Vicki from Kate L…. kickin’ it in the City of Villains…
Ninja VickiNinja Vicki from Kate L.ninjavicki_katel3.jpg

Avonia the Wiccan Pimp from Kate L. also in the City of Heroes…
Avonia2AvoniaAvonia4Avonia 3

Bernie the Half-Cyborg cat from Daniela…

Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat from Lars (Kate L.’s husband)…
bernie 1bernie_katel2.jpgbernie_katel3.jpgbernie_katel4.jpg

Anonymous Doug from Kate L. running loose in the City of Villains…

Psycho Dave from Pope Terry

Pope Terry’s Psycho Dave

Anonymous Doug from Pope Terry

Pope Terry’s Anonymous Doug


  1. do I win yet? What was the prize…

  2. You win Pony Points! Lovable adorable Pony Points!

  3. Thank you for your website ;-)
    I made with photoshop backgrounds for youtube, myspace and ect..
    my backgrounds:http://tinyurl.com/6kw9wq
    all the best and thank you again!

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