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Haven’t done an blog award post in a while

February 24, 2013


Our friend and regular Renal Reader Kate saw fit to give us one of those blog awards that function must like the chain surveys you used to get in your email box during the glory days of America Online.  Back then we didn’t have YouTube or Maru or Facebook or most other Internet distractions that we take for granted today, so yeah we had a lot of time to fill out 60-question surveys and send them back to all the friends we knew who owned computers.  But Kate’s interested in our answers, has three kids to chase around all day, and is probably the one person who knows us from before we started Renal Failure who still reads this blog regularly so let’s do her a solid and read the rules:

To be eligible you must have under 200 followers(check!) and follow the rules of answering the 11 questions asked by your nominator, add in 11 random facts*, choose people to award it on to (no repeats, share the love), and make 11 new questions for them.

Ugh… this is a lot of work but we said we would so let’s go to the questions:

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