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Maybe now we’ll get those Black Panther Lesbian FEMA Death Camps

November 8, 2012

So Barack Obama got reelected as President of the United States over the guy who looks like a taller version of my Uncle Kevin (something that led to a lot of confusion when watching the news drunk) and everything is right in the universe.  Or the universe is going to burn and implode.  That all depends on your collection of Facebook friends (one of mine has already made a doom and gloom prediction for the end of 2012, which I have dutifully recorded and will be checking back on at the appropriate time to see if her prognostication abilities have improved since she boastfully predicted to me back in 2003 that they’d find WMD’s in Iraq and that George W. Bush would go down at the greatest president of all time.  This is why I do my damnest to avoid making predictions).

Here at the Failure, our crew is doing all right.  There’s a sense of ease in the air.

Tag Larkin once again has won over Mitt Romney’s son Tagg Romney, reminding the universe that there can be only one Tag.  Oh, you didn’t know that Tagg Romney?  Obviously you don’t read Renal Failure, otherwise you could have saved your inheritance money from getting blown on yet another failed campaign by your dad.  Tag Larkin never loses!

Tina the Lesbian is pleased that Todd “legitimate rape” Akin and Richard “God intended for you to be raped” Mourdock lost their Senate races.  But professional crazyperson Michele Bachmann still kept her Congressional seat, setting the standard that American will vote for batshit nutballs as long as they don’t say a lot of stupid shit about rape.

Samurai Cathy has been spending the post-election day writing letters to the pundits who not just erroneously predicted Mitt Romney would win but predicted he would win by an egregiously large margins to atone for being shitty at their jobs by slicing off their pinky fingers on national television.  Luckily for her, Mikka persuaded her not to mail a knife with each letter in order to keep the Homeland Security people from busting down the door to her studio apartment.  George Will may be for small government, but we’re pretty sure he’d be dialing the FBI faster than you could say National Review if someone mailed him cutlery and a request that he use it on himself.

Note: Professional Money-Crablouse Jim Cramer predicted a ridiculously large Obama victory, 440-98, but we’re pretty sure he was hopped up on Mad Money coke when he made that prediction. We’ve already asked him years ago to commit ritual suicide for his sins against humanity.

Ninja Vicki hopes that all her donations to Obama during the campaign (aka. stuff she stole from other people, because she’s a ninja) will pay off in the form of her being chosen to participate in The Great Winnowing – when those who came out to support Mitt Romney are systematically picked off by order of the President to set the stage for Black Power Socialist Redistribution Fest 2014.  Sure, Ninja Vicki heard about these ideas from local frightened couple Sean and Lucia Wheatley, who heard it from the Formerly-Screaming-Now-Hysterically-Weeping Head on the Radio, and it probably won’t happen, but Ninja Vicki still holds out hope that she will get a chance to hunt down Meat Loaf.  Not because he supported Romney, but for having recorded “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights” which ruins every karaoke night she’s ever been to.

Avonia the Wiccan Pimp is still pissed off that evangelical leader Billy Graham had any reference to Mormonism as a cult removed from his organization’s website in order to square his support for Mitt Romney against Barack Obama. Now that Romney lost, Avonia’s waiting for Mormonism to be assigned cult status again.  Avonia’s also waiting for the day when a Republican Wiccan runs for president against a black guy so all the evangelicals who’ve been calling her a Satan worshipper for all these years have to kiss Wiccan ass.  She knows this day will never come, but sometimes you have to give yourself to flights of extreme fantasy – which is how Peggy Noonan lives every minute of her life.  Her election prediction was so mired in delirious, sticky fantasy all it was missing was a dragon fucking a unicorn while Hobbits watched while furiously masturbating.

Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat is not allowed to vote, because he is a cat.  So Bernie is trying to lobby all those billionaires who wasted their money on SuperPACs that blew obscene millions of ducats on failed Republican campaigns to steer their remaining financial support toward his campaign to get America to give cats the right to vote.  As nature’s sociopaths, cats would be very likely to vote Republican, or at least that what cats want Republicans to think.  Then election day comes and cats go 74-23 toward the Democratic candidate, revealing that it was all a clever asshole feline ruse, concocted by Bernie to make a shitload of money and allow cats to run for political office. Sure, cats will nuzzle up to you for ear scratches and cuddles, but when you die in the house, they’re going to fucking eat you.

Anonymous Doug laments that CT Republican candidate Linda McMahon (wife of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Vince McMahon) has now lost two straight elections for Senate, blowing $93 million dollars of her own money over the 2010 and 2012 campaigns. He does not lament because she lost, but because that money could have easily been better used on making WWE wrestling better. Maybe hire some better wrestler than the ones currently in the Divas division.  Maybe hire some writers who could craft an actual compelling storyline for a wrestling feud instead of the dreck currently passing for wrestling programming. Perhaps maybe kinda sorta use that money to get wrestlers some decent health care benefits in a profession that leaves its hardest workers crippled instead of blowing almost 100 million in the cause of vanity.

But always remember, no matter what, crazy never dies and peak asshole is a myth.


Tag Larkin laughs at Tagg Romney

October 20, 2012

If you were around for the 2008 election, you’ll know that our very own Tag Larkin has a blood grudge against Tagg Romney, the eldest of Mitt Romney’s Patrick Bateman-looking five sons.  Well, Tagg Romney has Tag Larkin’s attention again, this time over something Tagg Romney said in a recent post-debate radio interview.

In an interview with a local North Carolina radio station Wednesday, the candidate’s eldest son was asked what it was like “to hear the president of the United States call your dad a liar.”

“Jump out of your seat and you want to rush down to the stage and take a swing at him,” Tagg responded, laughing. “But you know you can’t do that because, well, first because there’s a lot of Secret Service between you and him, but also because that’s the nature of the process.”

“Oh boo hoo!” Tag Larkin says mockingly.  “Tagg Romney is afraid of the Secret Service.  Tagg Romney fears for his safety.  TAG LARKIN HAS NO FEAR!  Tag Larkin throws punches at heads of state all the time!  Presidents, prime ministers, the steward of Gondor… if you have executive power, Tag Larkin’s thrown a punch at you.  Tagg Romney is a puny dribble of ejaculate compared to Tag Larkin.”

Indeed, Tag Larkin will throw fists with anyone, despite federal and international laws.  It’s a little-known fact that Tag Larkin once punched the Queen of England square in the babymaker once, but if you ask Buckingham Palace they’ll deny it ever happened because what country wants to admit that their monarch got socked in the crotch? Kind of takes the glimmer off that crown, don’t it?

“Tag Larkin doesn’t talk about punching people,” says Tag Larkin after throwing a thermos at a passing bike messenger.  Tag Larkin doesn’t ride bikes – he pedals too hard and snaps chains like they were thread – so he think bikers are mocking him with their ability to ride bikes without breaking them.  “Tag Larkin just punches people, often without warning or reason. Tag Larkin is a man of action, born of fire of fury, not of privilege and pampered wealth.”

Fire and fury are the closest clues to a birthplace we’ve ever gotten from Tag Larkin.  Tag Larkin has an aura of mystery about him.  Also, he has an aura of savage virility, and one time a girl said his semen tasted like cookie dough.

“Tag Larkin has whooped asses in all legislative houses on federal, state, and local levels!”  declares Tag Larkin, and he’s right. Tag Larkin has kicked a Congressman in the taint, he has dropped an elbow on a state senator, and also suplexed an alderman through a table. As of this blog post, Tagg Romney has not assaulted any one from any branch of legislature here or abroad, and this means that Tag Larkin wins.

Tag Larkin always wins. FOREVER!

On a side note: Tagg Romney’s dad almost won Anonymous Doug’s vote during the Presidential debate, but only because Anonymous Doug misheard Mitt’s “binder full of women” quote as “binder of women.”  Anonymous Doug has bound many a woman in the bedroom during his sexually active years upon this earth, and finally here comes a candidate speaking directly to his kinky predilections.  Alas, when the error was pointed out to Anonymous Doug, he was rather crestfallen.

Election season is just a bad time for everyone.

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