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Tact… good taste… a Jedi craves not these things

May 4, 2010

“Today is Star Wars Day,”  I say as we drink at the bar.

“Okay,”  says Mikka, whose enthusiasm for Star Wars died with the prequels.  This is why he has not said the punny line “May the 4th be with you.” 

“Today is also the anniversary of the Kent State shootings,”  I say.

“Okay,”  says Mikka, who only knows about that event because of the Crosby Stills Nash and Young song “Ohio.” 

“Do you think we can find some people who would do a Star Wars-themed reenactment of the Kent State shootings?”  I say.   “You know, like a bunch of stormtroopers walking on a college campus shooting Jedi Knights or rebel soldiers.”

“Tin soldiers and Vader’s coming…”  says Mikka.  “This summer I hear the drummin’, four dead on Coruscant.”

“Can we also do a 9/11 reenactment using X-Wings crashing into the World Trade Center?”  I say. 

Mikka tells the bartender not to serve me anymore.  I think he’s just jealous he didn’t think of reenacting atrocities with Star Wars intellectual property first.  But like I always say:  If you’re going to go, might as well go all the way.

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